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Brightwork on The Real Living Wage

4 Apr, 2018

Brightwork on The Real Living Wage

Year on year improvement sees three quarters of Brightwork’s temporary workers are now paid the Real Living Wage of £8.75 an hour

The first week in November was Living Wage Week, and Glasgow, Elgin & Edinburgh-based recruitment agency, Brightwork, has continued its commitment to the Living Wage.

This increase follows year-on-year increases in the number of Brightwork’s clients paying Living Wage to temporary staff: in 2015 63.12 per cent were paid the living wage. Last year, 67.23 per cent had reached that level and this year, 74.38 per cent of temporary workers are paid the Living Wage.

Since October 2015, Brightwork, an early adopter of the Real Living Wage, has ensured that all full time staff directly employed by it have been paid the Real Living Wage, which in Scotland stands at £8.75. Since then it has consistently used ‘nudge power’, and a series of discounts, to persuade its clients to pay temporary staff the Living Wage.

One such temporary worker is Nosa Sunday, 34, from Nigeria. Nosa is a Brightwork candidate who has benefited from the Living Wage.

He said: “Brightwork found me agency work, and I get enough shifts a month to get by. I found out afterwards that Brightwork has been a consistent campaigner to make sure that the rate I get paid is the Living Wage. I think it’s a great company.”

Brightwork intends to continue promoting the Living Wage as ethical and good corporate behaviour, as well as an excellent way of boosting retention, minimising absenteeism, and increasing loyalty.

The Living Wage has been steadily gaining traction in the private sector in Scotland, with over 1024 employers, nearly double on the same time last year, now holding Living Wage accreditation.

Shan Saba, Business Development Director at Brightwork, said: “Our work on the living wage has been showing great results, and we will keep pushing more and more businesses to ensure a fairer future for all Scots.”

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Lynsey Dellett